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Marie-Claude Bibeau

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Members portraits 2016-17

Cégep de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

John is a young enthusiast of Canadian politics and international affairs. Seeking to become more aware of the challenges in the country, he sees the Youth Council as a great opportunity to acquire knowledge.

École du Sacré-Cœur | Sherbrooke

Motivated and curious, Camille sees the Youth Council as an enriching experience that could serve her in the years to come. Her main objective is to represent young people and learn more about the political life that surrounds Compton-Stanstead.

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Karl is a law student as well as a member of the General Association of Law Students. He is also in an academic representative. For him, the Youth Council is a great opportunity to involve young people to give their ideas on the stakes of the country and the region in addition to making them participate in democratic life.

École internationale du Phare | Sherbrooke

Rebecca is a young woman who has at heart her duty as a citizen. She, who has already been involved at the municipal level, wants to learn more about federal politics. It is with great enthusiasm that she wishes to express her opinion in the Council.

Cégep de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Roberto, who has been involved in his community for 3 years as a volunteer at the CJF, hopes to be a positive example for young people. He wants to demonstrate to the youth that it is possible to achieve great things by taking actions that have a direct impact on the region.

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

An active member, Nicolas is a law student and vice-president of the General Association of Law Students. It is to provide an enlightened view on the economic, legal and social issues that he wants to represent the student community at the Youth Council.

Université de Sherbrooke | Westbury

Emily is a student at the University of Sherbrooke in Applied Politics and International Relations. She is very involved in her program and community. Emily wishes to speak up on issues in the region and hear the other concerns from other participants.

Cégep de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Samuel is a young student who is passionate about politics and enjoys being an active member of the society. Always looking for new challenges, he wants to enrich his knowledge of public policy. This young man intends to express himself on various subjects directly affecting the inhabitants of the Eastern Townships

Bishop’s College School | Lennoxville

Donovan is an environmental enthusiast who sees the Youth Council as the ideal place to debate political ideas in order to have a positive impact. Wanting to learn more about federal politics, this young man wants to gain experience in decision making.

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Antoine is a second year student at the School of Applied Politics in International Relations. Involved in multiple organizations, he wished to give back to his community and share his ideas with the Youth Council of the constituency.

La Frontalière | Saint-Venant-de-Paquette

Following his experience on the student council of his high school, William decided to get involved in the Compton-Stanstead Youth Council. He wants to better understands the regional issues and to give a better representation of his generation that he is getting more active in his community.

Séminaire de Sherbrooke | Cookshire-Eaton

Timothy is presently finishing his last year in high school. Born in South Korea, this young man has a desire to develop his critical mind. Being an informed citizen, he wants to use this platform to discuss important issues with other members of the Youth Council.

École internationale du Phare | Sherbrooke

Having previously participated in several politic activities in the region, Ghita wants to learn more about politics at the federal level. She sees the Youth Council as a place to exchange opinions and ideas among members.

Collège Champlain | East Angus

Koralie is a young woman who is passionate about the world that surrounds her. She sees the Youth Council as an innovative way to introduce young people to politics. Koralie wants to bring her ideas on the issues presented to the members.

Université Bishop’s | Lennoxville

Gelsey is a third year student at Bishop’s University. She is currently studying English with a concentration in media and culture. In addition to these studies, she is also working on a minor in Psychology. This young woman thinks it is very important to have a Youth Council in the constituency since it is composed of a large student population.

Collège Champlain | North Hatley

Having done a lot of volunteer work with Amnesty International and the Canadian Cancer Society, Olivia is a young woman who is always looking for new ways to get involved. She counts on the Youth Council to give a voice to young people in the region.

La Frontalière | Coaticook

Tania is a graduate of Grade 11. Her assiduity is an asset in achieving her goals, one of which is to become more involved in her community. She is interested in the politics and issues that affect the citizens of the Compton-Stanstead riding.

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Élizabeth, a third-year law student, is a member of the board of directors of Sherbrooke’s University cooperative. With a desire to create change for her community, she wants to help the Youth Council find concrete ideas and solutions for the government.

Collège Champlain | Waterville

Anthony is a creative and dynamic citizen who has always had a special interest in politics. This young man wants to be heard and have a positive impact on his region by being a member of the Youth Council.

Collège Champlain | Sherbrooke

Involved in her school and in her community, Kathleen wants to defend the interests of young people. Passionate about the fight against climate change and the place of women in politics, it is with motivation that she wants to participate positively in the discussions of the Youth Council.

Bishop’s University | Lennoxville

Laura is a student at Bishop’s University studying International Studies. Passionate about politics, law, languages ​​and the environment, she wants to have a direct impact on her community by actively participating in the Youth Council.

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

A first-year Master of Applied Cancer Research student, Samuel is a citizen who hopes to learn more about the political process in the Canadian system. He wants to share his ideas with the other members of the Youth Council as well as with the MP in the hope of having a positive impact on the population.

École internationale du Phare | Sherbrooke

Zoya is a person who listens to the opinions of those around her while having a strong desire to increase her knowledge on various subjects. Involved in her school and in her community, she wishes to enrich her career with the Compton-Stanstead and Grand Sherbrooke Youth Council.