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Members portraits 2017-18

Martha Aru Achirin

Collégial séminaire de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Through the Youth Council, Martha hopes to learn how to better develop her ideas, flesh out her politics and learn more about various local issues. She wants to better understand the role of MPs and their responsibilities as well as about the division of powers and systems of laws.

Martina Bahilj

Bishop’s University | Magog

Through her involvement in the Youth Council, Martina hopes to contribute fresh ideas and that, with the cooperation of other Council members, they can ensure that their generation has a say in decision-making. She believes that young people’s political commitment is essential to better understanding their needs and the issues they face.

Nicolas Beaulieu

École internationale du Phare | Sherbrooke

Nicolas is involved in his school as part of the International Education Program and in the Sherbrooke CHUS Foundation telephone fundraising campaign. With the Youth Council, he would like to learn to better express his opinions on subjects that are important to him and to develop the mechanics of debating important issues facing society.

Roberto Alexander Chiguila Orantes

Cégep de Trois-Rivières | Sherbrooke

Roberto is a former Youth Council member. He is looking to continue his participation this year in order to get young people into politics and to give him the opportunity to make a difference in his region. Outside of the Council, Roberto is involved with the Fédération des communautés culturelles de l’Estrie.

Elody Demers

Cégep de Sherbrooke | Ste-Catherine de Hatley

For the past five years, Elody has volunteered for a variety of foundations and organizations as part of her high school’s International Education Program. According to her, young people are not sufficiently aware of the positive impact they can have by engaging in a group like the Youth Council.

Noémie Drapeau


Noémie has been involved in the Municipal Youth Council (CMJ) and in a municipal councillor’s election campaign. She believes that it is important to be concerned about all citizens, including young people, so that they can contribute fully to society.

Dereck Dumont

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

This young student is involved in his community in a number of ways, including as a member of the University of Sherbrooke’s Business Law and Investment Club and as a volunteer for University of Sherbrooke’s Lawyers Without Borders. As a member of the Youth Council, he is interested in learning more about the different issues that affect all young people in the region.

Samuel Enright

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Samuel is an avid athlete who enjoys helping improve and develop sport in the Eastern Townships. Through the Youth Council, Samuel is interested in learning about committee work and public consultations. He believes it is important to gauge community opinion in order to get a better idea of what the next generation wants.

Donovan Faraoni

Bishop’s College School | Sherbrooke

Donovan is a member of the Youth Council for a second year in a row. He wants to continue to deepen his knowledge of the issues specific to our region and the help that the federal government could provide. Having a course this year on world politics, he would like to take this opportunity to discuss with Marie-Claude Bibeau notions seen in class.

Antoine Forcier

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Antoine is very active in his community as the VP of Student Activities with the University of Sherbrooke Students’ Federation and as a member of the university’s discipline committee. He is on the board of the university co-operative and foundation. He is interested in working with the Youth Council for a second straight year in order to learn, to debate and to discuss a variety of topics with other young people and the MP.

Victoria Gagnon

Champlain College | Sherbrooke

Victoria is interested in getting involved in her community through the Youth Council. She believes it is important for MPs to work on initiatives such as this one in order to give a voice to young people and to give them the opportunity to have an impact on decisions that affect them. Victoria has been involved in the Granby half-marathon and La Grande Guignolée for the past five years.

Caitlyn Gerrish

Alexander Galt Regional High School | North Hatley

Alexander Galt Regional High School | North Hatley

Following the parliamentary simulation she had in 2016-17 and her meeting with the Minister of Crown-Aboriginal Relations and Northern Affairs, the Hon. Carolyn Bennett, Caitlyn decided to get involved in the Youth Council of her constituency. She wants to better understand politics and especially to discuss important issues with her Council colleagues.

Camille Giguère

Cégep de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

As she aptly puts it, “Politics is much more than just voting every four years. That is why any initiative encouraging citizen engagement [such as the Youth Council] is a very positive one.” Camille wants to find out how the government encourages citizen action and the initiatives taken by the government to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Katherine Hackett

Champlain Regional College | Canton de Hatley

Katherine seeks to better understand government strategies and find better ways to get involved in her community. She thinks the Youth Council meets her needs. She sees it as a great opportunity to share the ideas and needs of young people with the government.

Charlotte Hue

Collège Mont Notre-Dame | Cantons de Hatley

For Charlotte, the important thing about her involvement in the Youth Council is being able to share her views with other young people and hear what others have to say. She wants to gain a better understanding of current issues affecting her country, understand the political system, learn more about herself and excel.

Oleksandra Izmaylova

Champlain College | Sherbrooke

Oleksandra has been deeply involved in a variety of political groups over the past year, such as the Municipal Youth Council (CMJ), Young Quebecers Leading the Way, and the Model UN General Assembly. She considers these kinds of groups as ways to allow young people, even those not old enough to vote, to still be heard and to make a difference.

Eliezer Kakoheryo

Champlain College | Sherbrooke

Eliezer enjoys getting involved and making a difference when the opportunity arises. In 2015, he took part in the model UN as well as the Municipal Youth Council (CMJ). He is also involved in the high school basketball team, the Canadian Army and the Eastern Townships’ Congolese community. With the Council, he would like to learn about the workings of the Canadian political system and how young people can bring a positive change.

Jemima Kalemba

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Jemima is involved in her community, working about 20 hours a week at the Sherbrooke women immigrants centre and the Église Paroles de Vie Internationale. Her goal working with the Youth Council is to get out of her comfort zone and learn to work with a team on policy. She believes that this experience will be very educational and will help young people to shape their future.

Joanie L’Heureux

Champlain College | East Angus

Joanie is an ambassador for her school’s Cougars program and wants to be more involved. For her, the Youth Council is an opportunity to learn objectively what politics is. She believes that if young people have the opportunity to have a platform, they would be more interested in politics and more engaged.

Fatéma-Zahrae Lekhel

Champlain College | Sherbrooke

Fatéma-Zahrae is a young student with a keen interest in international relations, but through the Youth Council she would like to learn more about how federal politics works. In Secondary 5, she had the chance to take part in a model UN and absolutely loved the experience. She sees the Youth Council as a great opportunity to get involved in society and to talk with other young people about issues that concern them.

Marilou Lépine-Gougeon

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Marilou is keenly interested in how young people relate to politics. She believes that young people need to get involved in their society since they will be the citizens of tomorrow. In her view, it is important for their future society to reflect their values and needs. Initiatives such as the Youth Council are a very concrete way for her to interest young people in politics and show them that it is not as complex as it seems.

Jovana Mojovic

Champlain College | Sherbrooke

Jovana is interested in working in a field related to international affairs, politics and human rights. She sees the Youth Council as an excellent way to gain debating experience, learn more about current affairs and improve her knowledge of politics. As well, with the Youth Council, Jovana will have an opportunity to work with the Hon. Marie-Claude Bibeau, whom she sees as a role model.

Kathya Orantes-Mendoza

Bishop’s University | Sherbrooke

A delegate to the 2018 Political Science Games and member of Bishop’s University Caribbean African Student Association (BUCASA), Kathya is involved in her community. Through the Youth Council, she is interested in learning practical ways to put the political concepts learned at university into practice.

Carl Paquet

Bishop’s University | Sherbrooke

Carl got his feet wet in politics during the last federal election. He decided to get involved in the Youth Council as a way to meet other engaged young people. He strongly supports initiatives such as the Youth Council since he believes that his generation is unfortunately quite cynical and turned off by politics, and that the Council provides young people with an opportunity to make a difference.

Maria Sevillano

Collège Mont Notre-Dame | Sherbrooke

Maria hopes to gain experience and knowledge and feed her growing passion for politics through her involvement in the Youth Council. She wants to learn how to make a place for herself while enabling others to do the same. The Council is for her is a golden opportunity to feel listened to and help her make a difference.

Jean-Victor Simoneau

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Jean-Victor is the treasurer of his university’s political studies society and of the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences students’ association, and he is the chair of the Regroupement de défense des droits sociaux board of directors. With the Youth Council, he is interested in learning about the deliberative process for adopting public policy in the House of Commons.

Samuel Wilson

Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke

Doing a Master of Applied Research at the Université de Sherbrooke, Samuel is in his second year as a member of the Youth Council. Highly motivated, he wants to share his opinions with his colleagues and MP Marie-Claude Bibeau. He considers the Youth Council to be an excellent way to allow an exchange between young people and an elected representative.